How to make a star with LibreOffice

Some time ago we asked the people how they use LibreOffice Draw. And while the expectation was that this module receives only low appreciation the opposite is true. LibreOffice Draw is used to create block diagrams for BPMN processes, mindmaps or technical drawings, to build complex vector drawing for network topology, electrical circuits, floor plans or UI mockups, as a desktop publishing tool to design posters, flyers, business cards, and as a tools to load PDFs for editing. Learn more in part 1 and part 2 of the results.

A star is bornNot so much interest was stated in the 3D capabilities. Probably not too many know that LibreOffice Draw can be used to model 3D objects. Luckily we have experts for each and every aspect, and Regina Henschel wrote recently a tutorial “How to make a 3D star” with step by step instructions. Happy reading!

Since this is the design/UX blog, we have to mention that this 3D dialog needs some love. The ticket has been filed in bug 53866 and If you think you can do better, please submit your mockup. And for developers: How about an export filter to send the drawing directly to the 3D printer? :-)

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