What do you expect from Libreoffice Draw in the future?

Libreoffice promotes its graphic tool with the words:

‘Draw lets you produce anything from a quick sketch to a complex plan, and gives you the means to communicate with graphics and diagrams. Draw is a an excellent package for producing technical drawings, general posters, etc. … powerful and intuitive flowcharts, and you can even create an entire photo album with it’.

Sounds like the famous swiss-knife.

From a usability point of view, it makes sense to have a clear vision about the scope of the application. While the technical basis might be powerful and versatile, it’s better to focus the workflow and the interface on the most relevant aspects. This is of particular interest when it comes to the question of future enhancement. Do we improve the vector drawing capabilities, or should we rather invest in flow chart features? Or perhaps it’s better to focus on the core applications (Writer, Calc, Impress) and keep Draw as a supplementary tool.

Here you come into the play. We would like to know what you expect from Libreoffice Draw. How do you use it? In what situations and for what purposes? Have you ever used the tool?

Please answer a few question, and feel free to add all your ideas. But please keep in mind that we just want to figure out the basics – there is actually no development ongoing.


(Survey closed on 2016-Feb-19, 9:00am UTC)

We will report the results here as soon as possible.

PS: Please spread the word and share the link to this study.

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