LibreOffice mascot – lesson learned and an apology

With many approaching the holiday season, it looks like the heated discussions about the LibreOffice mascot have settled down. It is probably too early to re-launch the project, as memories of what has happened in October and November are still rather fresh, and so we would like to share our thoughts and plans on this project with you before we the next steps are taken.

The ambitious plan of a mascot decided by the community is likely not to happen before the new Board of Directors of The Document Foundation, which has just been elected, is in place on February 18, 2018. We have learned our lesson, so before any decision to re-launch the initiative, we will set clear rules for the contest and communicate these properly. We want to avoid another round of heated discussions, especially those driven by people who are not regular contributors to the LibreOffice project.

We reiterate our thanks to all contributors who have provided an original artwork in the true spirit of the community, and who have been frustrated by the evolution of the initiative. Please accept our sincere apologies and rest assured we won’t repeat the same experience.

We wish a happy and peaceful 2018 to all LibreOffice community members, and look forward to working with you in the new year!

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