LibreOffice mascot survey: The progress so far

As you’ve no doubt seen, over the last few months we’ve been looking for a LibreOffice mascot. This is just something fun for our community to use, for instance on T-shirts at events, so it doesn’t have to be ultra slick and professional – it isn’t a replacement for the official branding and logos that we use in the software, website and marketing materials. At the start, we asked for your submissions and received over 300 of them – thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

Many of them were excellent, but we had to remove quite a few from the following voting round for various reasons (such as potential copyright issues, conflicts with other FOSS projects, and use of the official LibreOffice document logo). If your submission didn’t make it to the voting round, we still really appreciate your input, and we apologies if we didn’t make it clearer why some didn’t get through!

After the voting phase, we took the top 12 and decided to put them through an “iteration” phase on an image board – to get further feedback and ideas. We hoped this would work, but unfortunately we ended up being overloaded with spam, trolls, flame wars and denial of service attacks. There are certainly some things we could have done and communicated better, but the attacks sadly meant we had to close this phase early.

Anyway, we now move on to the final phase, in which TDF Members and the Board of Directors choose the final mascot. Once again, we really appreciate all the input we’ve had over the last few months, and we’re sorry if some things didn’t run so smoothly and we should’ve communicated more. It’s a learning process for all of us! We’re doing our best – stay tuned for the final result soon…

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