Please participate in a survey about table styles

Some users were desperately Waiting for LibreOffice Table Styles, so this feature was implemented in one of the last year’s GSoC projects and released with version 5.3 as announced in the release notes and release videos. Although not all features have been implemented yet and, for instance, the editing dialog is missing, we want to continue with the design work and revise the inbuilt table styles.


Please vote

Please vote to make this not happen.

For this purpose we asked on the mailinglist for proposals and received a number of nice ideas. Together with the existing styles we want to bring these now up to your decision. Please rate the images on a scale from strongly disagree, over disagree, neither agree nor disagree, agree, to strongly agree.

(Edit: Survey close, results reported at

Of course we are interested in your first impressions. So feel free to comment here, or at the second page at the survey.

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