New branding for LibreOffice 6.0

The next release cycle of LibreOffice is scheduled for Q1/2018. And as known from past updates we want to introduce a unique branding for the release. This time it is planned to collaborate with the Open Source Design group.

Open Source Design

This group is a community of designers and developers pushing more open design processes and improving the user experience and interface design of open source software. They provide a job board where projects can ask for support, and that’s what we did for the new branding at Branding for LibreOffice 6.0.

While the job has been announced at the Open Source Design board that does not mean your contribution is not possible or not required. On the contrary, we want you to submit proposals – and maybe also to join the community of designers.

Banner used in LibreOffice 5

Figure 1: Banner used in LibreOffice 5.


The task is to create a new motif that will be used at the splash screen, the about dialog, the Windows installer, and for banners/flyers/stickers outside the program. We like to get variants of the design with and without the sub-line according the logo policy (the logo itself must not change). And nice to have are variations with labels for alpha/beta/daily builds. The design can be based on the metaphors transparency, sustainability, freedom, community, MUFFIN, green, hexagon, circular. But we are open for creative ideas. Ideally we get some interesting proposals and let the community decide which one to use finally.

As a community-driven Open Source project we have a few prerequisites:

  • Deliverables must be done in an Open Source license, e.g. CC-by-SA
  • The concept should work globally
  • The design process has to be fully transparent and the community should get involved
  • Task should be finished until end of July 2017 so that we can run a survey with the proposals


We have several resources to start off:

Now it’s your time to be creative. We are looking forward your ideas.

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